Australia’s fattest gentleman Andrew Nasr to endure surgical cure in bid to endure

Nastasha with her husband Andre, who was once Australia’s fattest man.

HE WAS at the time dubbed Australia’s fattest gentleman.

Andre Nasr was obese, sick and ingesting himself to reduction of existence. At his heaviest, Mr Nasr topped the scales at 468kg and at the time broke his couch predominantly since of his physique body weight.

Now weighing in at 370kg, Mr Nasr is constructing a previous-ditch operate to enable help save himself from his bulge, by heading as a result of a significant-hazard surgical cure that could probably get rid of him.

Andre with his family ahead of his high-risk sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Andre with his wife or husband and young children ahead of his significant-hazard sleeve gastrectomy surgical cure.Offer:Channel 10

Mr Nasr, who appears on The Project on Tuesday, is the heaviest impacted person to at any time endure the stunning physique body weight decrease surgical cure.

Just about motionless, he hopes the physique body weight decrease will give him down to 118kg — a staggering 350kg lighter than his foremost physique body weight.

Mr Nasr’s surgical cure, a sleeve gastrectomy to be executed by Dr Craig Taylor at Harmony Health-related centre in Sydney, demands lessening absent 70-80 for just about every cent of the stomach and leaving guiding a trim tube or sleeve.

Andre originally weighed 468kg, but is now 370kg.

Andre in the beginning weighed 468kg, but is now 370kg.Offer:Instagram

The aim of the technique will not only prohibit his capability to eat but also his would like for foodstuff.

For as extended as he can remember Mr Nasr has been obsessed by foodstuff.

“If an person was acquiring married the to begin with position we would communicate about is what foodstuff they are probably to give,” he claimed even while lying in the health care facility mattress.

“If an person died, what foodstuff are we probably to have at the wake?”

Andre Nasr was once Australia’s fattest man.

Andre Nasr was at the time Australia’s fattest gentleman.Offer:Supplied

Australia’s heaviest man, Andre Nasr, once spent 14 months in a hospital battling an infection. Picture: Channel 7

Australia’s heaviest gentleman, Andre Nasr, at the time invested 14 months in a health care facility battling an an an infection. Impression: Channel 7Offer:Channel 7

Chatting to customer reporter Dr John D’Arcy, Dr Taylor claimed there is a prospect Mr Nasr could die from the program of motion, with a a particular person in 10 prospect of not pulling by using.

“But he could die from his remaining obese,” he claimed.

“I recommended the surgeon I’d be happy with 50/50 [survival rate],” Mr Nasr claimed.

Mr Nasr’s wife or husband, Natasha, who has tried using utilizing to enhance his ingesting methods for numerous decades, claimed foodstuff for her wife or husband is like a drug.

According to the Dr Craig Taylor at Concord Hospital, there is a one in 10 chance Andrew Nasr won’t survive the surgery.

In accordance to the Dr Craig Taylor at Harmony Health-related centre, there is a a particular person in 10 prospect Andrew Nasr will not endure the surgical cure.Offer:Channel 10

“Just like heroin is for other guys and ladies, or liquor for an alcoholic,” she claimed.

“I would say no, but then he would ring his wife or husband and young children and they would give him foodstuff by using the window,” she claimed.

“Barbecue hen, significant chips, drinks.”

Nastasha with her husband Andre, who was once Australia’s fattest man.

Nastasha with her wife or husband Andre, who was at the time Australia’s fattest gentleman.Offer:Supplied

Appearing on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program in 2015 Mr Nasr claimed he could not get out of mattress and seasoned to be lifted out of his residence when he fell unwell and ideal to be hospitalised.

Previously Mr Nasr did offer with to get rid of 199kg in a calendar 12 months by considerably lessening his calorie ingestion which seasoned beforehand been about 12,000 electrical power a doing the job working day.

At his most inexpensive degree, Nasr, who invested 14 months in health care facility with a each day existence-threatening an an infection, claimed he seasoned been “killing myself” with foodstuff.

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